How To Plan Your Book in 10 Minutes [Checklist]


Thinking about how to start writing a book, but aren’t sure where to start?

DO NOT attempt to do it until you have answered all of the questions on this checklist. One of the reasons that so many people never finish their book is because they did not properly plan it out.

Think about it…

By planning out your book properly BEFORE you start it can save you time, money, effort and prevent you from hitting a wall after writing your first 3 pages.

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27 Useful Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

how to overcome the fear of public speaking

The average person ranks the fear of public speaking higher than the fear of death. The truth is, this fear could be hurting your professional and personal life.

You may have been there before.

You feel nervous, your palms sweat, your stomach ties itself into knots. You don’t want to do it. You would rather do anything else than talk to someone.

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